• flower bulbs (crocus, hyacinth, iris, muscari, daffodils, tulips, arum, alium, amaryllis, lily, anemone, ranunkulus, Freesia, Ixia, sparaksis)

  • onion seed (Dutch yellow, the May silver, Ptuj's red, packages 1kg and 25kg, sizes 8-21 and 8-16mm)

  • fruit seedlings

  • Aronia seedlings

  • rose seedlings

  • grape seedlings

Goji plants 

 Goji is a woody shrub-like plant that grows wild for centuries and succeeds the plateau of Tibet and the Himalayas. In extreme weather conditions, Tibetans have used Goji berries like food and medicaments, which helped the survival and allowed a long and healthy... More

About chokeberry

Chokeberry is extremely useful and curative herb, native to eastern North America, where beside the Chokeberry melanocarpa (black fruit Chokeberry) can be found also Arbutifolia Aronia (red leaves Chokeberry). Habitat of these two species is... More

 Goji berry planting

Goji plants prefer lot of sun, so it is best to plant them in a place that is lit by the sun all day. Planting is done from 20.04. - until late fall. Plants need more watering if you plant them over the summer.... More



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