About us

The company Agro Breza Ltd. was founded in 2008. engages in the production, wholesale, export and import of planting material: rose plants, fruit seedlings, grapevine grafts, bulbs, flowers, seeds: onion, seed potatoes, vegetable seeds, flowers and aromatic herbs, cereals seeds, fodder, grass mixtures and technical goods.
Our customers are agricultural pharmacies, garden centers, florists and other stores specialized in selling of these types of goods.

In 2009 we opened a company in Macedonia named Maks Flora dooel Kumanovo and we work distribution of our entire product range on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Our planting material is exported in Macedonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia and in spring 2012 we started to export in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our companies in Serbia and Macedonia also redeem fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals, and sell it in domestic and international markets.

The backbone of the company is agronomists with experience in this area. We have the resources and capacity to deliver our products continuously. 

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