Agro-consulting: we provide advisory services in the production of fruits, vegetables, flowers. Our main goal is to provide volume increasing and quality of production through the support and advice to producers.

Landscape architecture: Design, construction and maintenance of gardens, courtyards and other green areas, construction of fountains of various sizes and shapes; work on raising of new floral area with seasonal and perennial flowers, sale and installation of grass carpet.


Agents on import: if a company does not have the experience or has new challenges associated with foreign business, with transport, with logistics or customs, we can help to find the goods they are interested in, from European countries and beyond, and we can help them to become more familiar with trends and regulations and thus to improve their business by applying always efficient and cost-effective tools in the business.

Contracting of production: we contract agriculture production with individual farmers in fruit trees, vine coils, fruits, vegetables, flowers, onions onion bulbs, garlic and other seeds, cut flower roses, calla, gladioli, tulips, daffodils, lilies, gerberas, iris, gipsofila.



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